We have compiled the following information for you to read and help you to understand what is involved in getting a Private Pilots Licence. (note) from 1st January 2000 all regulations regarding licensing in Ireland will specified by the Joint Aviation Requirments Flight Crew Licensing (JAR-FCL) and to apply for a Flight Test the applicant must have undergone a minimum of 45 hours Flight Training at a Registered Training Facility (RTF).

Trial Flight:

The first thing is to take a trial flight, before which the instructor will walk you around the aircraft to brief you on all the surfaces and controls of the aircraft after which you will take a short fifteen to twenty minute flight.


If you decide to go ahead with lessons then you must pass a JAR-FCL class 2 medical examination carried out by a specified doctor. The club will provide you with a medical form for this purpose.

Age Limit:

You must be over sixteen years of age to log time towards the minimum of forty-five hours needed to gain you PPL (Private Pilots Licence).

Log Book:

If you intend to continue the instruction you must get a logbook. This will record all the time you spend flying for each lesson, the earlier you do this the better.

Student Licence:

The Irish Aviation Authority require that a student must have “clocked up” some flying hours before they can apply for this, usually five hours flying.

First Solo:

Up to this time you will have flown with an instructor, when he/she thinks that you are ready they will let you take the aircraft for a short flight on your own. This is a significant day in your training.


After the first Solo you will go on further solo flights building up to cross-country solo which will be about 150 miles long, stopping off at two other airfields enroute.

Cross Country Flight:

This usually starts with planning the flight, checking the headings, wind direction, speed and expected weather forecast. Eventually you will get to the point of doing a solo cross-country as previously mentioned.

Ground School:

Flying itself is all we have covered so far. The Irish Aviation Authority requires all pilots to undergo a set of written exams. To pass these you need to attend Ground School to study Navigation, Meteorology, Human Performance and Limitations, Theory of Flight and Air Law. You need to pass all these exams within 12 months. Once all passed, you have 24 months to complete your training and undergo your flight test. Connaught Aero Club has set up a ground school , the course runs for one night a week during the winter months.

Flight Test:

When you have completed all the work so far and have a minimum of forty five hours of flying done the flying instructor will arrange for a Irish Aviation Authority Examiner to visit and take you out on a flight test. If you are successful you then gain a Private Pilots Licence which allows you to fly and carry friends with you but not for financial reward

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